Whether you have actually owned a house for 40 years or you are a young adult looking to find out more concerning residences, naming the numerous parts of a house outside can be difficult. Well, we are here to help! As an exterior pressure washing company with over 10 years of experience, our team at Drake’s Pressure Washing knows a thing or more regarding the outside of houses.

Below we noted all the typical terms associated with the different parts of a home exterior. We have actually noted them in alphabetical order, so you can utilize it as a glossary and locate what you are searching for right away.

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All the Parts of a House Exterior

Box End

Box ends of a house lie at the gables, usually where the home siding and also roofline meet. They create a better appearance as well as seal in the areas where the house siding and also roof satisfy.


Chimneys are designed to assist in the release of smoke as well as hazardous gases from the interior of a residence. They are usually attached to the fireplace and also developed vertically to press the hot fumes upwards and out of the house.

Corner Post

Corner articles are created at a 90-degree angle and also situated on the edges of houses as well as garages. Generally constructed from aluminum, they are developed to safeguard the affixed edges from damage and sustain the corner structurally.

Drip Edge

Drip edges are located underneath the edge of a roof line near the seamless gutters. They are developed to safeguard the roof by letting rain beside the roof job its means into the seamless gutters.


The gateway to your house, the driveway brings you from the street to your front doorstep. Driveways are typically consisted of concrete or asphalt, though different sorts of concrete and also gravel are fairly usual.


Dormers are located along the angle of a roof and have windows. Dormers typically encapsulate areas like attic rooms on the higher levels of a home.

Down Spouts

Downspouts are affixed at the ends of gutters and also relocate vertically down edges of a residence. These aluminum tubes straight water down the side of the house and also away from the foundation.


An eave is the part of the roof that hangs over the side of the house. Otherwise referred to as an overhang, eaves are created to press water clear of the exterior siding.


The fascia is located at the point where the rain gutter, as well as roofline, fulfill. They are normally made of aluminum and wood.


Flashing is normally situated in numerous areas of a residence. It is created to route water far from susceptible areas within the house’s exterior.


Affixed or separated, garages are used for car park vehicles and also basic storage space.

Seamless gutters

Commonly made from lightweight aluminum, seamless gutters are found along the perimeter of a home. This item accumulates rain, leads it to downs spout, and also away from the home.

Note: Gutter guards are coming to be a prominent function on the outside of homes. Normally made of stainless-steel, this piece covers your seamless gutters as well as stops rain gutters from blocking as a result of leaves, branches, and samaras (helicopters).


A porch is typically at the front entrance of a residence and also sheltered by a roof or eaves. Patios can additionally remain in the rear of residences, similar to outdoor patios, and also be utilized as home entertainment locations.


Sidewalks are commonly constructed from concrete as well as produce paths to numerous areas on the outside of a house.


Soffits are constructed from plastic, wood, and also many commonly lightweight aluminum. They are affixed under roof overhangs to secure the tresses that hang over the side of a home or to cover porch ceilings. Soffits are commonly vented to permit airflow right into your attic.


Actions are typically situated at the ends of patios as well as decks to aid individuals to reach a surface that is either over or below them.

Roofing shingles

Shingles cover a roof and also are typically constructed from asphalt and limestone. They are toenailed as well as overlap to secure your home from weather condition components.

Home siding

House siding is the term for the exterior walls of the residence. The most typical types are plastic, aluminum, as well as brick.


Windows are tactically laid out on a house to allow light inside and also offer sights outside. They are normally fitted with glass. Doors, either pivoted or moving, permit people to get in and also leave a home. Right here are a couple of functions that relate to them.


An apron is a decorative trim set up below a home window as well as against the siding.


A home window grid is developed by products laid within the glass of a home window to produce the look of multiple panes. Grids can likewise be put on the outside of a window. Relying on just how grids are mounted, they can either be attractive or helpful in nature.


Headers are trim boards above doors/windows that are both attractive and developed for sustaining the weight over it.


Shutters are found on the left and also the best sides of the windows. While they originally acted as a functional piece to protect houses from tornados, today they are more generally made use of for decor and typically have no function.


Trim is available in numerous forms such as plastic, wood, as well as lightweight aluminum. It is utilized around windows and doors both on interiors and exteriors to assist enhance visual appeals.