How often should you wash your house? The response is much more complicated than you may think. Soft cleaning and also pressure washing are both primary methods for cleaning surfaces on your property, yet they are extremely different in extent. While they are both placed in the “power cleaning” classification, it is very important to know when to utilize each technique.

As an example, if you are utilizing high pressure to remove basic surface contaminants, you may run the risk of structurally compromising that surface area. Alternatively, a soft clean might not thoroughly clean the surface area if the correct cleaning agents are not used.

There is a clear separation between a stress wash and also a soft laundry, and also the circumstances for which each offers themselves can greatly differ. Our goal with this article is to make sure you understand your options and also which process accommodates the surface that is being cleansed.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is done utilizing water under pressure (or PSI) that is developed to tidy more powerful surface areas with more heavily embedded or deep-rooted pollutants. It is typically the most effective technique to eliminate loose paint or stain in preparation for another application of paint or discolor. A major drawback of using high pressure to wash the siding on a residence or deck is that you can quickly harm these surfaces if carried out inaccurately.

High pressure is good for preparing aluminum house siding for paint however is not the suggested approach to make use of without the intention of paint later. In this instance, you risk of getting rid of the coating of the home siding. Concrete over 3 years of age can also take advantage of a greater stress wash, yet you should constantly exercise care. Lastly, high pressure is not suggested for cleansing your roof considering that you can cause damages to your tiles as well as the risk of ruining its service warranty.

Basically, greater pressure is best for:

Eliminating loose paint from wood or lightweight aluminum house siding.
Preparing wood or aluminum home siding for paint.
Preparing decks for staining (eliminating grayed out timber fibers and loose stain/paint).
Cleaning concrete that is more than 3 years old.
What is Soft Washing?
For the safest and also most effective removal of surface impurities such as mold, algae, mildew, and also dust, the best approach to use is a soft clean. Soft washing utilizes secure stress and counts mostly on the specialized cleansers used while doing so. Soft cleaning supplies the cleansers as well as water generally at a greater quantity yet reduced pressure.

Concrete less than three years of age requires a soft laundry, as well as this is large to ensure the structural integrity of the surface area isn’t jeopardized. On roof coverings, the most effective technique of shielding the surface needs a laundry that is also softer than a standard soft clean. It makes use of a much less diluted form of cleansers than a common soft wash. In general, when you are thinking about a typical cleaning of your home, deck, roof, or newer concrete, soft cleaning is the advised approach.

How Drake’s Pressure Washing Can Help

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