Oviedo Pressure Washing

Drake’s Pressure Washing Oviedo. The Affordable Solution for Pressure Washing in Oviedo, FL.

Our pressure washing team doesn’t fool around when it comes to providing high-quality pressure cleaning services in Oviedo! We have experienced specialists that can be sent out to your location at your convenience. We have hard workers that are knowledgeable about the work that they do. We made sure to train every person on our crew to meet our standards for higher quality services. That means that you can expect a top-level pressure cleaning service in Oviedo when you call us!


Oviedo Pressure Washing Experts. Call Drake’s for the best Pressure Cleaning Service in Oviedo!

We have been the go-to service for affordable residential pressure washing in Oviedo for over 10 years! Don’t risk getting overcharged by the other guys in town that try to compete, call us today to get the fast pressure cleaning services you need.


Check out our great reviews to see what others are saying about us! We have a great track record of bringing Oviedo residents that best power washing services in town for less than what the big companies would charge. We never cut corners because we know that providing value for our customers is the right way to work!

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Gutter Cleaning in Oviedo. Highly Rated Gutter Pressure Cleaning Service in Oviedo Area.

Drake’s Pressure Washing has the right tools and equipment to take on even difficult tasks like roof cleaning and gutter power washing in Oviedo. Have you noticed that there is algae growing on your walls on gutters? Don’t ignore it! Instead, call the experts. We have all the right environmentally friendly chemicals to remove algae from various areas of your property.

Patio Pressure Washing in Oviedo. Drake’s Pressure Washing Oviedo.

Our patio pressure cleaning service in Oviedo is kept affordable so that everyone can afford to keep their backyards looking clean. Call us today to hear how much it would cost to clean up your pool area professionally by our local Oviedo pressure washing crew.

Driveway Pressure Cleaning in Oviedo. Affordable Residential Pressure Washing Services.

Has your driveway started to lose its shine? Many of our residential customers come to us for help with renewing the bright colorful look that their driveway once had. In most cases, the difference can be night and day after they have received their top-notch power washing in Oviedo. It's really amazing how much dirt and fluids from your vehicles can deposit over your pavers. That’s alright though because we have all the right equipment to make sure that your driveway can look nice and clean once again!

Oviedo Area Pressure Washing. The Local Experts for Affordable Pressure Cleaning.

In this side of town we have mostly residential areas that know us for our affordable services that we have been providing for many years. Some local favorite spots to visit would be the Oviedo Mall. A big attraction for people who are just visiting would be the Twin Rivers Golf Club, which brings in many golfers from even other states. For the most part, this area of Orlando is a calmer place to stay, as opposed to the busier central areas of town.