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Looking for the best pressure washing near Winter Park? Our local team of pressure washing experts is ready to take on any area of your residential or commercial property that needs to be cleaned up! Does your HOA require you to have yearly pressure washing for your home? It's alright! Make Drake’s your preferred pressure cleaning service in Winter Park to get the best deals on recurring services. There is no pressure washing company in Winter Park quite like ours. For starters, we made sure to pick out only experienced workers to make sure that you end up getting the service that you deserve. We care a lot about providing value and consistent experiences on every single job. call us today if you are looking for an affordable pressure washing service in Winter Park! We give free quotes for residential and commercial customers.


Residential Pressure Cleaning in Winter Park. Your Local Pressure Cleaning Company.

Drake’s Pressure Washing Winter Park has your back when it comes to saving you money. We never overcharge our customers, no matter how nice their property may look. We know that other pressure washing guys in Winter Park may work that way, however, we pride ourselves on having reliable pressure washing services for those looking to get their properties cleaned up on a budget.

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Driveway Pressure Cleaning in Winter Park. The Local Driveway Power Wash Experts.

Don’t settle for just anyone that is willing to do the job for less. There are plenty of ways that your pressure washing guy may try to cut costs. So you want to make sure that you don’t just go for anyone that is promising you the lowest price. We think that your home deserves more than that!

If your driveway is stained from oil, or if it just simply has lost its shine, you may be looking at calling up some pros like us to clean it up. Don’t worry, we have all the right chemicals and equipment to clean up those stains without killing off your plants!


Patio Pressure Washing in Winter Park. Pressure Cleaning Services for Pool Patio Areas.

Your pool area has seen better days. This is why you should consider the difference that you could see if you could get it all washed off from a local power washing company in Winter Park like us. It can really be like night and day for most cases that we have seen. So call us today, and as for your free quote!

Commercial Pressure Washing in Winter Park. Call Drake’s for the best in Commercial Power Washing!

Highly experienced workers ready to take on your need for commercial pressure cleaning in Winter Park. Don’t settle for someone who is new in the game. Go with the experts today. We will make sure to treat your business the same way we do with ours. For the best commercial pressure washing in Winter Park, call Drake’s!

Winter Park Local Pressure Washing Experts. The Best for Winter Park Residents.

We love serving the Winter Park area because of all the beautiful residential homes and commercial shops that we get to clean. There are plenty of areas here that attract people from all over town and beyond. For example, Winter Park Village has all sorts of great restaurants and shops that you can visit. This is a particularly popular area during the weekends. Another favorite spot of ours nearby would be the Lake Baldwin Park area. This spot has some amazing looking homes and businesses that all fit a nice theme together as well.